New build turns on the off after half a second

I'm having an extremely vague problem that frankly is just as mysterious as it is annoying.

Basically, I just finished a new build, but when I turn on the computer it turns off half a second later. It doesn't even have enough time to display anything on the monitor. Then after like 2 seconds the computer turns on again, then turns off half a second later. It seems as if it's not passing some hardware check, but I don't know what it is. I mean, in that half a second the fans turn on and the CPU heatsink fans turn on, so it's not like that's the problem.

I'm sort of a noob at this, so I can't say for sure I have all the power cables connected in the right places. Even if I go and double check I wouldn't be able to tell you, particularly because I got an NZXT Vulcan chassis which has a bunch of cables and the documentation doesn't provide any instruction on any of them. I guess they assumed it was common knowledge or something.

Is this a fairly common problem? And if so, what are some suggestions for solving it? Thanks in advance.
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