Which Memory?


which memory should I buy?


or this one


There is a slight price difference just unsure of which is the better purchase.

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  1. I would check for a memory qvl listing on your motherboard's webpage. When running all four slots with 4 gb, it's safer to use one that's listed. I use the gskill, but mine are only 2 gb each.
  2. Do you realise that one of those kits is 4 x 4GB while the other kit is 2 x 4GB?

    In other words, the Corsair kit is 16GB, while the GSkill kit is 8GB.

    You can buy two of the GSkill kits and get essentially the same thing as the Corsair kit, and it will be slightly cheaper.

    You will find some people have a strong preference one way or another, but I think you will be fine with either.

    I'd be tempted to start with just 8GB, and wait to see if I need the second 8GB - that would make the GSkill kit (or an equivalent 8GB Corsair kit) the preferred choice.
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