My Final $500 Budget gaming PC

so here is my Build i think its pretty neat. the mobo isnt that bad. but it isnt very good it will be good for casual gaming. so what yea think about the build? the GPu is factory OC so thats good.
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  1. ^ Nice build...If it is mainly for gaming, then you can easily get away with X3 440...
  2. its for gaming,video editing and multitasking. and whats so special about spinpoint HDD's?
  3. ^ The F3 are currently one of the fastest 7200RPM drives out there...Also they have a single platter design(a single 500GB platter), hence less moving parts - low noise and heat...
  4. o.0 well i would buy it if it had a combo and was in stock. also is GTX 460 768mb Version faster then that 5770 i have? i will be using a 1080p monitor?
  5. ^ Yes the GTX 460 768 would be faster, but also is costlier...
  6. well like you said i can swap out the quadcore for triple core. should i do it? for the 460 GTX?
  7. yes
  8. you guys sure i wont have any fps lose? and if i unlock the fourth core will my system be stable?
  9. That might put you slightly over budget but if you can afford it, yeah.
  10. There is no guarantee that it will be stable(mine wasn't). But it's still a very nice cpu
  11. oh k well uhm i heqard the 768mb of GTx has the same performance when it in lower resolution not in 1080p res is this true?
  12. how is this my new build i guess is it better then the prvious one and will i get more FPS in games?
  13. ^ Like zooted said, there is no gurantee that it might be stable, but still for gaming, IMO 3-Cores is good enough...
    Also about the GTX 460s performance, check this article...,2684-7.html
  14. ^ Maybe the 1GB ? Its better suited for 1080p but anything lower, the 768 is also fine...

    Some options
    GTX 460 + Free Game

    OCZ 500 + DVD
  15. oh okay thanks i will look into this
  16. okay is there a card near 460 768 mb ver
  17. ^ HD 5830 performs similar, but I wouldnt suggest that over this card though...
    But if you are able to take advantage of this coupon code, then for $170, the HD 5830 is a good buy...
    $30 off w/ promo code VGA161327, ends 8/27
  18. Do not buy for the mir, those are gimmicks to attract you.
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