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Blocky pictures and Video On New Build With Fresh Win 7 install

I just put together this new build(my first) from components I bought Newegg.
Asus 785M AM2/AM3 Board
Sempron 140 (Unlocked)
4 gig of DDR2
Win 7

It is messed up, When I go on the internet all the pictures and video on google and everywhere else are blocky and pixelated. Then about every 4th picture or so they look ok. I have no idea why..

Any ideas out there? Anyone seen this kind of thing before?

All I can think of is the way I got my OS. I had an old copy of Milenium which I Then updated it with XP Proffessional(Service Pack 1) and then used the Windows 7 upgrade disk I got to load in Win 7.. Could this be my problem?

Anyway any help would be much appreciated.....
Thank You-----
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    Is that the mobo?
    Download the latest drivers and try again.

    Did you install the mobo drivers on the CD?
  2. My first thought is missing drivers, make sure they're all installed, primarily video drivers.
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