OCZ Vertex 4 not as fast?

Hey guys I installed my SSD and did the benchmark test and the speed is slower than usual? I changed it to AHCI mode and it increased a little.. I have a MSI Global – Mainboard - 760GM-P23 (FX) and Im using the OCZ vertex 4 128gb ssd. Can you guys help me please? thanks
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  1. If its in a SATA II (3gbps) port that speed seems right for Seq Read/writes
  2. kitsunestarwind said:
    If its in a SATA II (3gbps) port that speed seems right for Seq Read/writes

    how do i make it SATA III?
  3. You better stay with SATA2, it is fast enough for most work. The add-on controller often limit 4k performance and only improve throughput a little.
    I wouldn't change anything.
  4. You probably need to connect it to the right port on your motherboard (look in the manual for which are sata III) or buy a new motherboard.

    Real world tests don't benefit from sata III too much
  5. "31 K - Bad" in AS-SSD means that your drive is not aligned properly.
    That is why your benchmark results are lower than they should be.

    A bad alignment normally comes from a drive clone or drive image that was done incorrectly.

    A fresh install of Windows will correct the problem. If that's not feasible then run partition alignment software to fix the issue.

    Your benchmarks will improve once your drive is aligned properly.
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