Pc would not run with new mobo pls help

Hey guys, it has been a grueling 8 hrs trying to get my MSI 870a-g54 motherboard to work along with my g.skill ddr3 1600 ram and amd phenom II x4 955 that I just purchased but it just wouldn't work. All the devices were working when it came to fans being on and led lights and all but I could not get the monitor/screen to load at all. I spent 8 hours with a friend trying different things, swapping wires, trying different monitors, toying with ram and gpu's but it just would go. I'm guessing something was wrong on the mobo possibly a DOA with the PCI slots but this problem was so odd and I have never encountered one like this.

So I'm here for some help, could any body suggest a replacement motherboard for the MSI 870a-g54? Anything up to $170 I will do from NCIX.COM.

Help would be greatly appreciated at the moment as I plan to go drive 45 mins tm morning to return the mobo and pick up a new one, and since it is a warehouse I would like to have the new mobo selected by the time I arrive there.

So sorry for the long read but I'm unsure which Mobo I can replace this with. Something Oc friendly to newbies and great longevity, x8 x8 crossfire is a + but not necessary.

Thanks so much guys, awaiting a reply
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  1. Ps. I'm thinking about the ASUS M4A79XTD EVO AM3 AMD 790X ATX AMD Motherboard, what do you all think? Please a reply would be great right now.
  2. I Would've suggest that same Asus motherboard myself also.. You've made a good choice so stick to it..
  3. Thank you man. Any ideas on what may have been up with the mobo? If it was DOA or if there was just a malfunctioning part, I have never ran into mobo problems before.
  4. Actually after reading your post, i am not too sure if the motherboard was faulty.. You've mentioned problems with the display not loading up.. That can happen by the virtue of many other components which include video card, a dead display, display cable used etc..etc.. Are you sure your display is working fine.? Have you tried the suspected components at your friends place.?
  5. So I just more thoroughly read up on NEWEGG about this mobo and it seems MANY MANY ppl had this same problem. DOA out of the box, all worked, fans, LEDS, but display would not work for no apparent reason. Different users tried different gpu's / ram / monitors / etc like I did and same thing. But to answer your question yes my display is working fine, I hooked my pc back up and it's fine, works on any other system. I will go ahead and pick up that Asus board tomorrow, thanks for helping out.
  6. Crap, now I read ppl having issues with the ASUS M4A79XTD Evo ATX AM3 dying on them. Is there no stables boards that work out there! I am hesitant now to make this purchase.
  7. I guess you are using a dedicated video card.. Check it to make sure its not faulty.. As an option, take a look at the Asrock 890FX Deluxe4 motherboard.. Its a good brand and is based on the most top end AMD chipset available.. Personnely though, i trust Gigabyte motherboards more when it comes to an AMD build..
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