Previously, sorry if my english very bad :sarcastic: . But please help me about installing cooling device V8 cooler master brand :D . After installing device i see a 4 bolt backplate in diagonal position. That is correct for my installing this device???My rig is Intel i7 860,motherboards DFI P55 T3eH9&DDR3 OCZ Reaper PC 12800 Duall Channel2x2 GB. :na:
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  1. Are you just questioning if you used the correct backplate? Check the install manual for the V8 and make sure you are using the backplate for socket 1156.
  2. i mean...after installing V8 bolt backplate has losing tight(One of them) :pfff:
  3. One of the bolts is loose? or is the whole cooler loose? Maybe you stripped the threads on one of the bolts. If so, take it down to the hardware store and find a new one.
  4. Hello, adaman 2576 nice to meet you&Thank's for you suggestion.

    oooohhh....One of the bolts is loose?!? :( I think is right because i install the bolts is very tight. :na: And i'm turn again and exactly tight :D

    And temperature after installing V8 with overclock i7 860 to 3.8 GHz FSB 180, VCore 1.425 is very hot...Temperature show in 90 degree!!!my chassis Azza Solano with 3 fan chasis 14 cm& 1 fan 25 cm. Installing V8 upper or top of the fan chassis 25 cm....

    What do you think bro???
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