My computer while running games shuts down

recently my computr shuts down while playing games.
the games run slow then the computer shuts down itself.but i can browse the net for hours without any problem.
my pc
xfx 630i
palit 9500gt
2gb ram
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  1. CPU?, Power Supply?
    Post full specs and make sure that you have no overheating issues.
  2. will be either heat or power.

    post full system specs and load temperatures.
  3. its a heat up problem
  4. Heat would also be my first guess. Try increasing the fan speed of the gpu to see if that mitigates the shut down issues.

    Next would be driver, memory, or not enough amps from the psu.
  5. Yes, please post full specs.

  6. Its your CPU, Each CPU has a built in feature that monitors the temp when it reaches the point of burn out it will the pc down to save the CPU, Either get a better Cooler or get a quality thermal paste and apply correctly
  7. change Power Supply urgently
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