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Heat sink thermal compound slid on install. Help!

I think I may have messed up the thermal compound that came with my Phenom processor. When I installed my processor's heat sink, I first barely laid it down and realized the wire was on the wrong side, so I picked it back up. I looked at it and there was a small smudge on it. Then, when I placed it down on the correct side, I realized it had not gone down straight. I had to rotate it a few degrees (maybe from 10:30 to 12:00). Is this an issue?

I don't want to power it up if it may overheat. Should I get some Arctic Silver and clean the old compound off and apply it?

Help! I don't want to fry my processor!!
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    From your description, you still have all the paste the cooler came with, its just now partially on the cpu and kind of rubbed around..

    NP. Mount the cooler and complete the build. All should go fine.
  2. There should be no problem. Twboxer has told you everything that I would say.
  3. Personally, I would say you are just fine, as along as your thermal paste is still intact on the CPU and heatsink.

    My CPU cooler has a few degrees twisting play clockwise and counter-clockwise even when its fully tightend down(I guess it wasnt a perfectly designed clamping system) and I usally give it a little wiggle in each direction after securing it down to the motherboard, just to spread the TIM around nicely.
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