My SSD has all of a sudden got issues

I installed an SSD in my Dell laptop a few weeks ago, all was fine until yesterday I somehow ended up with a corrupt windows log in. So after 4 hours of no luck fixing that I decided to move files from the SSD to my Desktop in order to reinstall windows. I took the SSD outta the laptop, put in in an external case and started transferring files. After 5 minutes the files stopped moving and windows is now telling me that the SSD is needing formatted, I try and access the SSD and I Get this "Data error, Cyclic Redundancy Check"

Does anyone have experience with SSD, and can tell me how to proceed? I need data off the drive, I have work on there which is important to me, I do back up but at the end of each day. The SSD is a brand new M4 512GB from Crucial. I am going insane as I do not have the time to spend on this and I need it fixed, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
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  1. Simply it wont work the way you are trying to do it, the only way to do it would be to plug the drive into another system running windows as an extra drive. click on my computer, right click on the ssd drive go to properties, click on the tool tab and check for errors.
  2. Hey weaselman, I have the drive connected as an external drive to another computer, I can see the drive in my computer, but when I right click, properties and select check for errors I get the error "Windows cant check the disk because windows cant access the disk"

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