Toshiba external hard disk is detected but shows empty and asks to format i have


Ican't access my Thoshiba external hardisk. when plugin to computer it shows format can i get my valuable datas from this hard disk

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  2. Thanks alot...:)
  3. sanup4306 said:
    Thanks alot...:)

    Did that work for you or did you try something else!!!
  4. jsmakkar said:
    Did that work for you or did you try something else!!!

    please help...same prob but i dont need the files..just want to format it

    tried disk utility device manager...w7 cd xp cd etc...still cant format
  5. I have saved many files on my toshiba 1 gig usb3 drive, under windows7, no encryption.
    when I plug the same drive into my other pc, also windows 7, the folders show up under windows explorer but none of the files.
    The files are inaccessible and I am asked if I want to format the disk. When I put the disk back to the machine which saved the files, they are all still available.

    please explain why 1 pc can see the files and the other cannot. I am admin on both computers.
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