Phenom II X4 945 125W Edition overheating extremely high on load

Hello there, within the past few month my CPU has been rapidly jumping temperature hurdles for seemingly no reason at all, starting around July, it went from 60-65 on load to 70-75, then by September it started going up to 80-85, and now that I'm in November it finally jumped over the 100-115 mark and it resulted in a total shutdown.

I thought perhaps it was just a fluke after the few times, but the shutdown tonight is making me believe otherwise, I've turned on C1E and Cool N' Quiet, which make my idle temperature around 30-32 C however, 1 hour in Team Fortress 2, or just a mere 4 minutes in prime95's Torture test, it skyrockets back to 100 which cause me to shut down in fear of damaging my parts.

I've tried changing airflow in case.

I've used compressed air and made the computer clean as a whistle.

I've also checked my 5770's temperature during this just to make sure it wasn't venting onto my CPU, but it's always around 45-50C in valve games.

What do you think has occurred with my CPU and what do you recommend me doing to help remedy the situation, I've had this computer built since September of 09 and it hasn't given me any heat related crashes until now. I am rather desperate, and hopefully this can be resolved.

My parts as as follows,
3 GHZ Phenom II X4 945 AM3 125W ,1GB XFX HD5770,500 GB HS, 4 GB 800mhz, DDR2 RAM,650W PSU, Biostar TA790GXE

Any suggestions would be very helpful and I would appreciate them, thank you.
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  1. I forgot to mention that I'm using the Stock Cooler that came with said CPU
  2. Try reapplying the thermal paste, and making sure the cooler is firmly attached to the CPU.
  3. Will do, any other advice?
  4. ^+1 for the thermal paste
    check your CPU fan
    it might have become hard and dirty in the motor and not performing as it should
    check the cpu holding brackets
    they might have come loose
  5. Will do all of those, thank you.
  6. Just redid thermal paste and did an extremely thorough cleansing of the fan on the cpu itself, idle now is 27 C for the core, and 10 minutes into prime is around 59C Thank you.
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