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I plan to build a new rig with triple monitors 24 inch monitor in 1920x1080 display mode.
What is the best card I should get if i want to play game in high setting (budget is not a problem, but i do not want too powerful stuff that is unnecessary?
In addition, should i go for ATI for its eyefinity system?
Thank you.
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    i would recomend ATI simply because they can drive 3 monitors from a single card.

    a 5850 would allow for this, with most games being maxable. others may require lower settings.

    however, dual GTX460's offer excellent bang for your buck, and since its an SLI configuration you can drive 3 monitors.

    you need a decent PSU and an SLI capable motherboard though.
  2. I think he means dual GTX 460s and they would be the way to go if you motherboard is SLI. The HD5850 is a good choice otherwise.
  3. yeah, edited. thanks jy.

    *460's are a great choice, if your motherboard and power supply (and budget) allow. otherwise a 5850.
  4. Thank you for your reply. So i want a single card (so i can upgrade later) then it is best to get HD5850 or better right?
  5. pretty much yeah.

    value wise, its just behind the SLI setup. but it leaves you open for future expansion. so yeah, if you want to add another later, the 5850 is a great choice.
  6. Make sure to get one that allows for voltage modification. The HD5850 is a pretty good deal at stock but what makes it really nice is it can OC a huge degree(up to 40%).
    This would be your best choice;
    Here's a review;
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