Is this good enough to play all games?

Is this good enough to play all games?
AMD Phenom II x2 555 B.E
MSI 870-G45
Inno3d 9800GT HDMI
2Gb Ram
500 GB Western Digital 7200RPM
600w PSU
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  1. Assuming games like metro 2033, crysis, GTA IV etc. comprise your list, No its not.. You'll need a stronger video card, preferably a quad core processor and another 2 gigs of ram..
  2. +1 , to experience latest games, it would be nice to upgrade the cpu to a quad- And the gpu- 5770, gts 450, gtx 460.. Many options depending on your budget-
  3. If you play at something like 1366x763, 1280x1024, or another low resolution like that than it probably will play any game with lower detail settings.

    However, a dual core processor will hold you back in a number of newer games, and so will having only 2Gb of ram.
  4. It'll play anything, just not maxed out at high resolutions + AA. Unless you're a graphics whore, you'll be fine.
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