What SSD tweaks are beneficial?

Hey there Tom's!

I have two questions for you. First off, there are a LOT of tweaks out there about what you should and shouldn't do with an SSD. Which ones will help performance / lifespan? I'm presuming turning off hibernation, and moving cashing to another drive... what else?

Also, if I partition the SSD, will it's firmware still see it as 50% empty? I've got a Vertex 4 which gains a fair bit from being no more than 50% full, so I figured I'd partition it to make sure it didn't happen... would this be worthwhile?
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    There are a few tips I can give you.

    Set the SSD to AHCI mode, and make it your primary boot drive in the bios.

    Enable Trim. Type CMD in the search box in the Start Menu, then click on CMD (Run as Administrator) Type: “fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify”, Press Enter.

    The result should be “0″.

    If the result is “1″, TRIM is disabled.

    In order to enable TRIM type the following command: “fsutil behavior query|set DisableDeleteNotify = 0″

    Disk Defragmenter Schedule should be Turn Off -- and Disable Disk Defragmenter and Drive Indexing.

    You can disable Pagefile, or move it to your HDD.
  2. Ohh, thank you - I had forgotten about the automatic defrag.
  3. You´re very welcome! :)
  4. If you end up running the WEI test(happens on install or manually after cloning a drive to SSD), it will turn off the auto defrag on SSD's for you :)
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  6. ^Good to know, thanks.
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