Random crash soon after startup

My computer has recently been crashing less than a minute after startup. It doesn't matter if I do nothing or try to open a window. I have tried to restart it and it will freeze while starting up. Also when it freezes when the mouse is visable i can still use it but if i leave the computer running it turns to a black screen with only the mouse visable, which still moves.
This problem is new and it doesnt seem to be a virus issue because it has the same problem in safe mode.

I have a gigabyte 770t-usb3 mobo, Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5850 TOXIC 1GB GDDR5 videocard, and AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition processor. I do not know what the problem could be but it seems like it is over heating but it doesnt seem warm and it happens just as fast when it has been off for a few hours.
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  1. I'd check a couple things. First of all - get a CPU & GPU temp. monitoring program, or just take a look at it in your BIOS. On that board, I believe there is a 'System Health' page or something in the BIOS.

    Secondly, memtest is a wonderful program to run. Memory does some funny things if it's bad...
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