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Hey guys,
I currently have an ATI Radeon 4890 and im looking at getting a new video card. These new GTX480s caught my eye but I heard that there are cheaper Radeons out there at the moment that can deliver close to the same power for a significantly cheaper price? So basically I just want to know, what is the best upgrade from a 4890? My budget is around $600

cheers guys
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  1. What's the rest of your computer specs?
  2. CPU: q8400
    RAM: 4gb
    HDD: 2tb
    Power Supply: 650w
    OS: Windows 7

    My resolution for games is usually 1920x1080

    Hope that helps
  3. What brand power supply is that?, how many HDDs? Any overclocking? What is your motherboard...

    This is list of the top ten GPUs

    Radeon Ares HD5870X2 4GB
    Radeon HD5970 4GB
    Radeon HD5970 2GB
    Geforce GTX 480 1536MB
    Geforce GTX 295 1792MB
    Radeon HD4870X2 2GB
    Radeon HD5870 2GB
    Radeon HD5870 1GB
    Geforce GTX 470 1280MB
    Radeon HD5850 1GB

    So if you want the DX11 feature of the GTX480 at $460, youll have to skip the 4870x2, so that leaves the 5870 2GB which is weaker and $489 or the 1GB version which is weaker yet, at $380 , and the 5970 2GB which is better, but its $680...

    So you have

    HD5970 2GB @ $680
    GTX 480 1.5GB @ $460-$500
    HD 5870 2GB @ $489
    HD 5870 1GB @ $380
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