First time computer build seeking advice

Hello, I am going to attempt to build a gaming computer and had a few questions...ok maybe a lot of questions. Any and all feedback is appreciated. First of all I am looking to spend around 1000 dollars and I already have a saphire radeon hd 6850 graphics card and would like if it will fit with this build.

I would like to go with an intel motherboard and cpu but will my graphics card work with them as it is amd?
The size of case does not matter and would almost prefer a bit larger one. I only plan to run the one card but it is crossfire compatible and may look at upgrading for the future. I don't want a sound card either.
I am looking at the Intel Core i5-2400 Sandy Bridge 3.1GHz quad processor and was wondering if it was a decent choice. I don't think I will need a ton of usb ports but obviously a few would be good as well as a firewire connection.

I am definitely feeling a little overwhelmed but am enjoying this very much. Again any help or advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. Use your 6850, it works fine with Intel systems. If you need a case, you can't go wrong with one of the antec 300 cases, which are often on sale at newegg for around $55 shipped. For the power supply, I recommend antec or corsair. 650 watts should be enough; newegg had an antec earthwatts for around $60 recently. The 2400 is on sale at frys in stores only for $149.99 this week. It's not bad, but for around $50 more you can get the 2500 K with an unlocked multiplier for easier overclocking. Either processor is plenty fast. For the motherboard, I recommend either biostar or gigabyte. I like biostar as I've never had a boot up problem with them. You want to mount the cpu/heatsink and ram before mounting the board inside the case. Then turn the board over and check the white center push pins; they should all be sticking out the same length under the board. Then test the board with just the 24 pin atx and 8 pin 12v connectors and onboard video. You touch the pin cluster with the power switch with a plain screwdriver and when the board fires up, the post screen should appear. Then you know the cpu and ram is working properly before you mount the board inside the case. There are several good boards for around $140-150 at newegg in either the p67 or z68 chipsets. Read some newegg reviews and pick one out. Good luck.
  2. Awesome thanks for the info!
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