Is this compatiable Geforce 9500 GT?

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By brother has the Geforce 8600GT and runs Crysis on high very well, is the better and could it run it the same if not better?
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  1. In short: Yes, the video card is compatible.

    PCIe 2.0 is reverse compatible for PCIe 1.0. The difference between 2.0 and 1.0 is that the bandwidth and clock speed is doubled (250 MB/s and 2.5GHz versus 500 MB/s and 5.0 GHz).

    A 9500GT is about the same performance as an 8600GT.
  2. Correction, his card is a 9600GT, will it be far off if at all?

    and what will lowering the bandwidth and clock speed impose?
  3. Judging from the specs, a 9600GT appears to be considerably better than the 9500GT counterpart. A 9600GT has twice the cores, twice the memory width, bandwidth, and is in DDR3 as opposed to DD2. You will most likely have to turn down the settings in this scenario as a 9500 GT is not really a hardy gaming card.

    Lowering the bandwidth and clock speed usually impedes the performance of some video cards, shouldn't be a problem with a 9500 GT though as it isn't too demanding. I use a 9500GT myself with my motherboard (which is PCIe 1.0 as well).
  4. Would it run Crysis on high then?

    if not, whats the cheapest alternative that would provide similar if not better performance than the 9600GT?
  5. better performance directx 11 and will run crysis on v.high at 1280x1024
    more importantly would running say an ATI radeon HD 4500 on crossfire with this give me a good performance?
  7. hd 45xx series cards cannot be crossfired,they don't have crossfire feature.

    what is your bugget for a GPU?
  8. well, its hard to say because i dont have one, but I have one for if I want it this month which I do a hell of a lot!
    I was just suggesting, would using a worse ATI radeon HD worth around the £30-£40 mark and crossfire it with that mobo?
  9. im sorry but no low profile cards can be crossfired,same applies for SLI.

    what resolutions are you going to play?
  10. thats a bit annoying!

    Im really unfamiliar with how resolutions affect it, if it helps id be playing it on my 1080i HD 32" TV?
  11. Ok you want to play on your tv ,then you need a high-end card for that....
  12. Any suggestions under £100?
  13. well searched a lot :

    if you can just add some more buck extra,this could be a very good choice :
  14. And these will run Crysis on high on my TV?
  15. nothing less than a hd 5970 can run crysis on high on your tv.....crysis is not a well coded game.

    the hd 5770 will be good try lowering the resolution and switch off AA.
  16. Whats the AA, and what resolution would you suggest?
  17. AA means Anti-Aliasing which you can find in game video settings.

    it will be pretty good at 1600x900 resolutions
  18. is that a high res?
  19. yes.
  20. What does AA do exactly mate?

    How do you feel this would run?
  22. mildren4ever said:
    What does AA do exactly mate?

    AA basically smoothes the edges

  23. mildren4ever said:

    How do you feel this would run?

    good but in lower resolutions.
  24. would it be better than the 5570?

    what about with the 512mb version?
  25. I wont suggest the 5570, its a low profile card. even the 4670 is better than that.

    why dont you go for a hd 4850? its a good bang for buck.
  26. Its still quite expensive though isnt it?
    what does low profile or med or high mean?
  27. low profile means its not meant for gaming, med means for casual gaming and high means hardcore gaming.......

    then you must visit ebay they have great deals out there, you may even get a 5770 with your budget. :D
  28. if you wish i can find a 5770 for you.within your budget.
  29. so you recommend the 5770 highest?
  30. yes its a high-eng card, and will suppy you for years.

    you can wait for some time,because ati prices are going to drop soon.or you can buy it at ebay(its real cheap ).
  31. what about circa £70?
  32. what is that?
  33. raiyus13 said:
    what is that?

    It's how much a 5670 costs in the UK.
  34. its about $125
  35. newegg is giving a gts 250 in really low price :

    at $100

    and if you wait and gather a few more money you can get an excellent card :
  36. they both look good, any ideas on places that ship to the UK though?
  37. here is a GTS 250 from XFX.

    £84.89 Inc VAT

    and the HD 4850 (currently out of stock) from XFX.

    £81.65 Inc VAT

    It cost more in UK it seems.

    prices in other sites are more this is the cheapest place i found...
  38. thanks mate, really appreciate that, you think the ATI is the better choice?
  39. oh, your wellcome..... :D

    both are same ,choose which ever you want.....
  40. Is it not worth getting the 1GB?
  41. of course 1gb is worth getting if you want to play at high resolution.

    so, this will help you to play on your tv (just £4 more....) :

    sorry there is no 1gb version of the hd 4850.
  42. Thats brilliant, thanks alot buddy!
  43. ok let me know after you get it.

    good luck [:bohleyk:1]
  44. Your gunna hate me! Basically ive just come into an extra £250, however im not spending it all, still keeping the budget as low as poss, whats the best bang/buck, max £120??
  45. just FYI thats $185
  46. whats the HD5550 like?
  47. HD 5550 is basically a low-profile card.

    (just exceeding 9 bucks more) if you can get the HD 5770 you can able to play crysis on your tv....

    this one is a killer[:bohleyk] :
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