E 4300 at 2ghz asrock conroe 945G

If I put a e7500 duo2 on this board would I see much of a improvement 2g ram. 1066 fsb.
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  1. Yes, E7500 (3M Cache, 2.93 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB) is much faster than E4300 (2M Cache, 1.80 GHz, 800 MHz FSB). You will definitely see an increase in performance if you are playing games or doing other things. But I do suggest you get a quadcore if you have the budget, go Corei5 with the Quadcore model. But if you would like just the Core2Duo E7500, then increase your ram if you can. 2gb is good enough but 3gb is better or go 64bit OS to benefit more ram if you like going 4gb or 6gb. Also a good video card like for example GTX460 would definitely boost your PC's performance.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I was thinking of a 2nd hand cpu as the mobo is not really a overclocking board I only managed to get to 2gz . I already have installed a dedicated graphics card. I am not a gamer but I do a bit with dvd and it takes a while to change formats..a bit of crunching. The board will take 1066 MHz max so I am now very tempted. Thanks again.
  3. yeah the e7500 is a decent cpu and much better than what you have. if you wanted second hand you could get a quad core q6600 or something.
  4. Thanks Sorted.
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