Mini windows XP doesn't detect SSD

Hello people,
I recently downloaded and mounted a 15.2 Hiren Boot CD, all the drives attached to my MOBO are in AHCI, however the CD just detects the 2 TB HDD and doesn't detect the SSD, both drives are on AHCI mode. Is there any reasonable explanation for this?

I use the CD to boot Mini XP to access drives if any failure happen.
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  1. What are the specs for your system? It could be that your SSD in connected to a non-native SATA port (like a Marvell port instead of an Intel or AMD "native" port). If so, the necessary drivers are likely not on Hirens.
  2. According to Hiren 15.2 the Mini WinXP is preloaded with the AHCI and RAID drivers, and as I'm telling you in my first detects the 2TB HDD which is connected to SATA in AHCI mode too.

    System specs attached with my account, all the drives are connected to AMD controller.
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