Hard drive is not recognized and does not read

I have a new build and just put my internal seagate barracuda 1tb as a 2nd drive for storage (main is a ssd). I installed windows 7 on my ssd first before plugging in this one.

My problem is that on start up the hard drive is giving these loud beeps. It beeps for maybe 5-6 times and during this time my screen is black and it shows "A2" on the bottom right of the screen. After the beeping windows loads up but it gets stuck on the windows logo for quite a while, maybe 20-30 seconds when it usually takes 1-2 on the ssd. The fact that it's interfering with my windows start up time worries me since it isn't just unreadable, it's doing something to interfere with my ssd. After all that, i can't find any trace of the hard drive inside windows or in the bios.

My specs are as followed:

i5 3570
8gb ram

Everything works fine if i unplug the hard drive and it's what i'm doing for now. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?
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    "A2" is the BIOS fault code for a hard drive detection problem and the beeps are coming from the BIOS not from the hard drive. These beeps translate into various hardware problems depending on how long the beeps are and how many.

    It could be the hard drive itself is faulty, or there's a problem with the way it's connected up, or a bad SATA cable.
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