Backup an SSD to another SSD

so my work is kinda neglectful with backups do to time constraints and other aspects, was thinking about setting up a backup from their SSD drives to another SSD drive once a week, its only a couple gb's of data.

anyone have any experience with this?

I dont really care about shortening the lifespan of the ssd since i've read that you can transfer basically 30-45gb a day for like 5 years....

Backups where only changed files are actually updated has still resulted in slow transfers.

Most mechanical hdd's these days suck and fail, gone through 2 WD's and 3 Seagates in past 2 years alone.
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  1. There isnt' really anything special about ssd to sdd, although you would be able to save a lot further back if you used a larger mechanical drive as a backup.

    You could schedule a task using robocopy to do this, or you could use a program like crashplan which has a good deal more features but likely ones you don't want.
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