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I recently went to Best Buy (Geek Squad) to have my files downloaded to an exrernal hard drive. I am having a problem opening up the external drive do I can review the files that were transferred. No special instructions were given on how to retrieve the transferred files. Can you help me? Thanks.
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  1. There shouldn't be anything to this. Just plug in the power cord and attacj the data cable (USB or eSATA) and power it on. If it's an eSATA connection, you may have to have the drive hooked up and powered on before booting for windows to detect it. You should be able to drag/drop files between the drives.

    If this isn't working, you may need to go back to best buy.
  2. I wouldn't be suppressed the geek squad had done something wrong and they broke your external hard drive. You should go to a local computer repair place for those kind of job, way better service
  3. I would either give the Geek Squad a call or go back to the store and have them show you that the files can be accessed. You also want to make sure that they didn't use a different version of windows to do this file transfer , 32 bit or 64 bit ?
  4. Never take your computer problems to geek squat. call them and make them fix it. for free
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