Hd5770 on msi g31 m3 v2

i got an hd5770 these days but havent mounted yet.
the problem is my mobo(g31 m3 v2) is supporting pci-e 16x 1.0 vga slot but hd5770 has a pci-e 16x 2.1 vga slot.
i was wondering if it would be a problem. cuz some people say it won't be a problem, some say i'll have a little performance loss, some say they dont run together properly. if everything is allright i'll get it mounted if not ill change my mobo. thanks...
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    There won't be any notable performance loss(almost zero in resolutions like 1920x1200 and lower), and it should work fine without problems
  2. well, thank you so much :)) so i can mount it and get ready to play? and one more question; will be any bottleneck in my rig:
    msi g31 m3 v2
    q6700 2.67ghz
    3gb 667mhz ddr2 ram
    Win Vista home premium 32bit
  3. Yes you are ready to plug and play :D
    And bottleneck depends on the resolution and the games that you play, but a Q6700 at stock is still enough for games.
  4. 19" lcd non-hd monitor means 1440*900 max res right? :) kinda old display but dont think to upgrade it :D
  5. There are few 19" monitors with higher resolutions, but the common resolution is 1440x900.and on that res,you'll be fine with all games
  6. thank you very much. i got answers all of my questions...
  7. No problem,glad i could help
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