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I have an Intel DG35EC motherboard and I can't install the front audio panel.
Since the backpanel audio connectors don't give me any sound (due to OS issues and drivers and stuff ) I'll try the front audio.

The Technical Product Specificatios says is an:
Audio 6-channel (5.1) audio subsystem using the Realtek* ALC888S audio codec
This are the cables of the front Panel Audio:
This is the diagram of the Audio header:

So, I guess those cables need to be connected there, but wich one goes where? I do not want to shortcircuit my only motherboard.
Can you please help me install the front panel audio system?
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    Those wires and that pinout aren't compatible.

    Those wires match the AC97 spec, while the pinout is High Def Audio.

    You can see the pinouts described in the document at - the AC97 pinout is covered on pages 20 and 21 (and matches your wires). The HD Audio pinout is shown on page 22 (and matches the pinout you show).

    You can't connect those wires to that pinout.
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  3. God. what about some color coding on this?
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