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last night, i had 15Gb left on my SSD, turned my PC off went to bed, woke up this morning with only 1Gb left.
why, what, huh? whats going on? please help
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  1. Could be left over garbage from a Windows update. Also, do you have hibernation turned on? If so, it could be the hiberfil.sys file.

    It sounds like you need to run CCleaner ( ) to clear out all temp and cache files, and then optimize your drive ( ) with emphasis on turning off hibernation, moving your paging file elsewhere (to a HDD), and shutting off system restore or at a minimum deleting old restore points.

    Then depending on your drive do a manual TRIM (like Intel, Samsung, etc that have programs for their drives) or just leave the computer on so that TRIM has time to work, unless of course you have a SandForce controller other than Intel with 5.x firmware that has broken TRIM.
  2. If you had an update it could be that a restore point was created. Your hibernation file could be large, but in which case you can delete it by typing "powercfg /h off". Shadow copy storage filling up? Bloated $TOPS file? Fixes for the last two are at
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