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Hello guys, I have one old PC with motherboard MSI MS-6712, and video card nVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 working with it.
I have another video card nVIDIA MX200 (i am not 100% sure is it 200 or 240 but it is one of those 2) I want to know is there a way to make the computer work with both video cards and then can i set 2 monitors for it. Or can they share resources like in the SLI mode ...
Both cards are AGP x8

By the way, the forum has tons of valuable information, keep the good work! :)
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  1. If both cards are AGP, then no. If one is PCI, both can work, but not in SLI. Those are very bad cards for any type of gaming BTW. I think at least the FX5200 would have multiple monitor connections, almost all I have seen do.
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    As mentioned, if you want multiple monitors then the FX5200 will provide you with connections and options for setting them up. SLI and CF are made for PCIe and never worked for AGP or PCI. You would have to upgrade to get SLI or CF.
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