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PSU for GTX 460 768mb (might be OC'ing)

BF and CM is coming up so I need some tips from the experts on what PSU I should be looking for--one that can handle overclocking a GTX 460 and quad core cpu (amd_pHenom).
Already purchased an ASRock 870 EXTREME3 mobo and mid tower chassis with bottom mount design for psu.

There are also psu's that read "PCI-Express Connector 1 x 6-Pin, 1 x 6+2-Pin" in the description, so my question is: would the 6+2 pin be compatible with the gtx 460 6 pin socket?

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  1. Corsair CMPSU-550VX is great for a single card setup and you can go with the XFX 650 for a dual card.
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    Yes... The 6+2 pin PCIe is compatible with the 6pin PCIe plug. You just don't plug in the +2 pin.
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