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I am currently have some issues with my network connection. I lose my internet connection at a random time after I boot up my computer. I don't lose it completely, just enough to where web pages load about 10%, then just stop. Some don't load at all, but I know I can hit them. Also, I can ping them fine. My AIM also cuts out, so I know it's not just port 80 or my browser(s).

I am pretty confident that it's not my router because I can use a laptop on my network fine, internet/IM/etc. So, I am thinking it's something with my computer, I am just not sure how to even troubleshoot the issue. The issue seems to clear up if I re-boot. But then the connection seems to just cut out and hang again randomly after the reboot.

I have Avast! Anti-Virus (no Norton), and ran a scan and have found nothing. I've also tried ipconfig/renew and no luck there either.

I current have Comcast as a provider and that leads to a LinkSys Router which is wired to my PC that is giving me this problem.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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  1. Could still be malware. Try this out:

    Restart your computer in 'Safe Mode with Networking Support'.
    (To do this: Power on your computer and start tapping the F8 key at the top of your keyboard rapidly until the Windows Start Menu appears. Then select the Safe Mode with Networking Support menu option and press the Enter key)

    Open your web browser and go to

    Download their free malwarebytes program from their main page

    Install the program on your computer and run it.

    Update the Malwarebytes program and do a full scan.
    (You may be asked to restart. Do so, but use F8 key to return to Safe Mode)

    Let us know the results of the scan and whether or not any symptoms persist and we will troubleshoot deeper.

  2. Check the processes tab of the Task Manager for anything running wild.
    Could be a updated hardware driver problem.

    But, I also recently had a problem similar to yours.
    None of the antivirus programs detected anything. I tried several.
    Kaspersky's two-way firewall alerted me to unwanted out going internet traffic.
    Seems I had a new TDSS rootkit bug that nothing would remove.
  3. Hey, thanks for the inputs. It seems that two things could of been at fault for the situation. After having Comcast come out and looking at the connection, they ended up replacing a switch directly outside of my connection. Along with this I also updated the drivers for my network card and it appears the problem doesn't happen anymore, thankfully!

    Thanks for the suggestions and input, much appreciated!
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