Google Earth at max settings - 4870 512mb or 4850 1gb?

I've picked up a 2 year old HP XW4600 Quad core workstation, which I'm planning to give to my father to replace his old P4 Dell.

He loves using Google Earth, and so I'd like to put a graphics card that will allow it to run at 1900 x 1080 on maximum settings (4xAA, 32 bit textures, Anisotropic filtering on high)

I was considering either a Radeon 4850 1gb or a 4870 512mb.

Any thoughts?
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  1. that wont be of much stress, get any one of those gpus according to your budget.
  2. Google Earth is just a collection of 2D pictures. It doesn't stress the GPU at all.

    Getting better internet service to download the slides would improve performance much more.
  3. get the ATI 4350, there will be no difference in google earth and you can save yourself some money...take dad out to lunch
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