Need Advise about upgrading my system

Am having Asus P5LD2 - VM SE Motherboard and Pentium D 945 3.4GHz Processor. Bought some 4 years back. Currently having XFX GeForce 7300GT Graphics Card. Am planning to buy a new graphics card. Can u please suggest any XFX Nvidia card within $300.
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  1. What are your other system specs ? (RAM,PSU....)
  2. sup man, i think u should change to a dual core pentium, and if you want a very good bang for the buck, u could get a geforce 9800 gt
  3. @megagabobe1: Pentium D is a dual core processor type, so?

    @ratheeshkannan: tell us your full specs, RAM, PSU, Casing PC...
  4. Thanks for the replies guys,

    * My old chasis is kinda old, so am gonna buy a new gaming cabinet. So I can upgrade my PSU too. and m having 2gb DDR2 Ram. I think thats enough.

    * Right now i don't have much to upgrade my MB and processor. P D 3.4 isn't sufficient?

    * Plz reply.
  5. It would be better that you upgrade your CPU,but if you can't now,then definitely consider upgrading later,because you'll get a good boost in performance
  6. Am planning for GTX 460,465 + ... Will that work out on my PC ???
  7. I still recommend you to upgrade the CPU first, but yes it will work fine as long as you have an adequate PSU
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