CPU stuck to heatsink fan?

I'm trying to get my AMD Phenom II X6 1090T off of the stock heatsink fan because I was going to apply a new layer of thermal compound, thinking the stock was smeared off by accident.

Well, when I pulled the heatsink fan off, it pulled the CPU off with it. No, the CPU is stuck to the heatsink, and I can't even put everything back on because I need to unlock the CPU holder arm, which prohibits me from lowering the HSF back in.

Any ideas?

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  1. Try to twist the cpu off.
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    Try using a hair dryer to heat the heatsink surface and loosen the bond.
  3. use ARCTICLEAN THERMAL PASTE CPU CLEANER REMOVER + PURIFIER its good for this as some one had this happen too
  4. Good way to prevent that from happening again would be to run the computer to heat the cpu/heatsink up than remove them after shutting the system down.

    As far as getting it off, try a twisting motion.
  5. What loneninga said ^+\,,/
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  7. Got it off using a hairdryer. Thanks for all the replies!
  8. What worked for me was spraying some WD-40 into a small cap (medicine bottle cap can work too) and then I put a few drops at a time on the surface of the heatsink (between the heatsink and CPU) and let it seep in. I then waited a few minutes and with no effort it popped right off.

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