Need you advice

hello every body I need your advice to build gaming pc
my budget is just 700$
I know its not enough but I want to play some games which dose not need allot of power like dragon age
I want a device can run all games not high frame rat but something playable maybe in the future I can add another graphic car sli or cross fire
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  1. Any parts not required?
  2. no I don't have any part yet before I start buying I need to decide which motherboard
    I will choose
    I don't want something expensive
  3. Is everything needed? Mouse, OS, Keyboard, case, monitor and such? Theese can affect the cost quite alot, and without needing to purchase theese, your system overall will be able to be upgraded a little, besides from what you can afford if KB, Monitor etc.. is to be included in the budget.

    I'll let the professionals here tell you what to and not to purchase, I'm just saving some time :)
  4. Please use the template in the sticky at the top of the New Builds forum. Your answers to the questions there will provide the forum members the information they need to provide relevant advice.
  5. thank you tju2an I don't have any part
    no monitor or mouse or keyboard or case
  6. APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: (after 2 weeks)

    BUDGET RANGE: (700$-800)

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: (gaming some games like bf bad company dragon age 2







    MONITOR RESOLUTION: (1280x1024)
    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: (best performance for the money and a motherboard suitable for update in the future)
  7. Your budget is enough to cover a system containing a HD5770. Unless you're planning a monitor upgrade, anything more would be wasted; in fact, you would probably be happy with as little as a HD5670, but the middle ground of a HD5750 would be a safe choice. Four real cores are a little better than two with hyperthreading, so a Phenom II X4 955 would be my choice of CPU.

    Oh, this assumes you already have the monitor...
  8. thank you allot
    I like the CPU but can you help me to choose the motherboard do you think its better to choose a board with cross fire or it will be waist of money and dose 600 watts power supply enough for hd5770
    dose the price or the motherboard affect the performance
  9. If I were building, I'd probably choose Asus, Asrock, Gigabyte, or Biostar (probably in that order). An 800-series board will have the latest chipset.
    Unless you anticipate a monitor upgrade, Crossfire would be a waste. If you do want Crossfire, make sure the board you choose can run it at x8,x8, not x16,x4.
    The HD5770 is an efficient card. You could run one on a 430W Antec Earthwatts; I'd probably choose something in the 500W-550W range for more headroom. The PSU you choose should have full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and be 80+ certified. Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, and Enermax are among the better brands; OCZ seems to be reasonable too.
  10. thanks you help me allot
    and what is PFC I find a cheap power supply but I don't know about this brand can you check the link
  11. PFC = Power Factor Correction. I know having it is a legal requirement in some parts of Europe, but I don't know about the UK specifically.
    Avoid cheap PSUs. Your entire system is dependent on good clean power, which cheap PSUs often don't provide. They also have a nasty tendency to take other parts with them when they die. A cheap PSU will be overrated and inefficient. Considering the total cost of a new PC, spending a mere 10% of it on the PSU is not at all unreasonable; in your case $70 or so.
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