Budget non-gaming PC ...

Tried searching but could not find anything.

I'm looking to build a non-gaming PC for my step-father. The extent of his use is internet explorer and turbotax.

Preferably a cheap motherboard with integrated video, cheap but decent case, etc.


Any help is appreciated. He's using his old monitor, a 15" LCD so the on-board video doesn't have to be great.


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  1. looking for a solid mini tower case .... he has limited desk space.
  2. I would build an Atom D510 system. You can build a complete PC for under $250.
  3. Here is one I just put together for a home server, but it would make a decent low end desktop as well.

    Case: Foxconn RS233 Mini ITX
    Motherboard: Intel D510MO
    Memory: 2GB PQI DDR2 800 DIMM
    HDD1: Hitachi 1TB 7200RPM SATA 3.0
  4. $259AR
  5. yes batuchkas build is good
  6. That looks pretty good. I may opt for 4GB though. I seem to notice a big difference just in basic use.

    I also gotta buy win7 for him ;/ if only people would convert to ubuntu.
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