Well through numerous amounts attempts to fix the problem, I still have a dell load up screen frozen, it only freezes when I have any USB cable plugged in, Once all cables are unplugged I can boot up, but I can see KEYBOARD FAILURE for a couple of seconds. I have noticed weird things revolving around my mouse and keyboard, my mouse is lagging more than usual, my keyboard as well. A couple of times when I plug in a USB my PC shuts down not the friendly windows shutdown but a complete short out of power. I got a new keyboard as well no luck....I tried to do that Jumper thing to reset the bios, I also tried draining the power by holding down my power button I changed my Motherboards battery as well as left it out for hours...I tried just about every suggestion. Does anyone have any idea how to fix the problem and if so..will I have to change motherboards..? is it worth it?


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  1. Hi

    Please try and reset the BIOS using the options in BIOS and also check if the USB Emulation is set to OFF. As you have tried most of the steps, it looks to be an issue with the Motherboard, however I would suggest you to contact tech support to get more details on this and suggestions on the next course of action.

    You can contact our support over the phone or reach out to us at @dellcares on twitter or, we will be glad to help.

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