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hello all, I am looking at building a new computer
ill be using it mainly for adobe softwares and occasionally for games
budget is around $1000 - 1200 including monitor cpu and

ill need a motherboard tat supports SLI for future upgrade
and with usb 3.0 if possible..

i prefer intel processors and
nvidia graphic card with HDMI out.. maybe a gtx470

monitor resolution : ~ 1920 x 1080
HDD : 500gb or more
dvd reader/writer

overclocking : NO

keyboard/mouse/speakers not needed
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  1. I won't go price hunting for you, but here's what I'd pick...

    Intel Core i5 760
    MSI P55-GD65 USB3 motherboard (or like an Asus P7P55D E Pro)
    4gb G.Skill Ripjaws CAS9 or CAS7 if you can find a good price
    1gb GTX 460 card (EVGA is my favorite)
    750w power supply (a decent brand, Corsair etc.)
    DVD Burner
    Antec 300 case
    Hard drive whatever

    GTX 470s are nice, but the 460 right now is a MUCH better card for the price. Two 460s in SLI are deadly as well - they scale super well - just make sure you go for the 1gb versions.

    Anyhow, hope that helps!
  2. tyvm
  3. No problem! Enjoy your build!
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