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hi i have a 5-7 year old pc its a IBM M/T 9210 ThinkCentre it has a 3ghz pentium 4 processor and 1gb ddr400 ram, i wanted 2 put an old 6200 128mb graphics card in it but it doesnt even have an agp slot for some reason... any other way that i could upgrade the pcs graphic capabilities?
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  1. You can still purchase pci based graphics cards but they are more expensive and do not perform as well as agp and pci-e based cards.
  2. Yeah you're going to want to get a new computer. I really don't see the value in upgrading a PC that old, unless you're playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (which is an awesome game btw).
  3. Money spent on an old pc is money lost, as you will not see much of an improvement. You are better off saving for a new PC just like boris mentioned..
  4. if i were you i would keep the hardrive and cd rom drive of the old computer and buy this combo:
    this way your not spending to much money and you will see a giant performance boost.
  5. ya but i have 1 problem, i live on south africa EVERYTHING is more expensive a pc with a ud4p mobo a 5850 and a i5 750 and a tb hardrive and 585 watt psu costs about R14000 which is $2000 in south africa
  6. i mean i live in south africa, lol
  7. This is what pisses me off, its like every one here is from either the UK or the EU and don't give a damn about the rest of the world. A lot of us are poor BTW.
  8. well for some reason this pc can play fable lost chapters using onboard graphics but it cant support cod4 i just want a bit of a boost so it can play cod4 online
  9. You may want to buy a system on Ebay if prices are that bad there.
    But if you want to stick with that system try to find a PCI 9500GT. It is about the best you are going to do but the card will be limited by both the interface and your processor.
  10. thanks that really helps, thank you everybody, now hopefully i can upgrade this piece of #### :)
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