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Hello,Can i Get 5770 , 5830 or 5850 .. my System is . P31-DS3L-GA , Core to Duo 1.8 GHZ , 430 Watt {real] shop keeper told me its as good as 530 one ...i got it with same price ..i mean will those selected VGAs work well on my system or they may slow down & work just like my current 9600 GT 1 GB .... TNX for HELP
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  1. The 5770 takes 1 six pin PCI-E connector and has a TDP of 108 watts, the 5830 takes 2 six pin PCI-E connectors and has a TDP of 175 watts. The 5850 also takes 2 six pin PCI-E connectors, but it's TDP is 151 watts (lolwut).

    The real question is amperage, as your 430 watt is probably low on it. I wouldn't recommend anything higher than the 5770 if you're set on getting one of these three due to your lower end CPU and your power supply.
  2. get the hd 5770, is like if u were getting the gtx 260 from nvidia, just that you have dx11 and eyefinity
  3. and it will be fine with your cpu

    i've seen videos of that card running crysis warhead at maximum no AA at 1920x1080 ress i think with very nice frames
  4. with you psu i menat on the last post, haha
  5. Agree with Borisof007, what is the amperage of your PSU? There's a sticker on it, read it and post again here... :)
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