New HDD, Formatted, unable to find in My comp or use

Hey guys, I've been trollin the site for help but haven't found my answer yet so in the mean time...

OK, So im running Windows 8 pro/upgrade F Win 7. I have 3 drives working that were before Win 8, Bought my 2nd 3TB, Plugged it in, Found it, Formatted it, and restarted.

Now i want to use EET! What now...? like im really stuck, i cant figure out what I missed. Its been some time from my last 3tb so maybe im just rusty...

Ive tryed strollin through the BIOS to maybe find something but its a pretty simple menu, No luck. Google want find any questions regaurding Win 8 so idk if its only me on something new im not seeing.

I dont get any errors and im able to formatt it just fine, Named it and assigned it a letter, its NTFS, Simple drive, i tryed one quick and one uncheck quick format, thought maybe something happend idk.

I really dont feel like its a cable problem it im able to see/click/format just fine... but im gonna go do that to kill time hoping for a respnce.

Sucks cause i have 2 ATI 5870s and i really cant reach *** without pulling stuff out...
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    Can you see it in disk management? If so, does it have a drive letter assigned? If not give it one and it will be available in My Computer, Windows Explorer, etc. I assume that you used GPT since you already have another 3Tb. It does not sound like a cable issue so don't go digging around yet. :)

    And since you are an early Windows 8 adopter, who knows, perhaps you need a bios update even though it shows up in the bios?????
  2. Yah, Its name is Sexy3TB and its Letter S, I just played musical Plugs with my drives just incase, no diff.

    I formatted it just fine, Just did a simple disk NTFS which is what i did with the rest, they seem to work fine
  3. Side note, If I right click it in Disk Mgmt, all the normal options are lit up accept Open and Explore.
  4. Hey, Through a variety of things something finally click and i got it working. Last thing i did was one more "Delete Volume" And start again. I guess sometimes stuff just fugs up. But thanks for your help, Ill mark as solved

    Anyway, i hope if someone gets the same prob its kinda somewhat help, Went in doubt, start over till it works...
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