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I am building and going to sell systems and wanted to know the best way to sell them with windows installed without having to buy an operating system for each individual system? Is there a way to do this?
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  1. I assume your building them to order so,

    Discuss with your client beforehand what they want, they may already have a copy they want to re-use to save the expense of a new O/s,

    Install the preferred windows system using back up/recovery disks,
    inform the client their choice of windows O/s is installed but will require activation, then its up to them whether they hook a copy or buy a legal license/re-use their own key.

    I give the option of an O/s in the quote so if they want legal win7 64bit, I buy and install that and pass the cost on, but they know about it beforehand and its their choice.
    there are ofc other ways to go about it, but I find an upfront, honest approach works best for me
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