Asus p8p67 memory problems

i have recently built my system with a asus p8p67 motherboard and installed a 2x4gb 16000mhz corsair vengeance ram chipset.with both chipsets installed i get a red light at the memok led..however with one it boots up and it boots up at 13000mhz..what do i do so that i can use the other ram module aswell?

pc specs:
asus p8p67
intel i5 2500k
corsair vengeance 8gb (2x4gb)
VGA power color 6950
corsair 750watt PS
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  1. I believe that's 1600 and 1300 MHz =) Try using that MemOK button next to the memory red LED - hold it until it starts blinking. It's supposed to automatically adjust the RAM. Otherwise, you can boot with only one stick and set both to run at 1600 MHz in the BIOS (boot with one stick, set, boot with another, set). I think that the problem may arise from two sticks working at different speed somehow... worth a try.
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