Ati catalyst 10.6??

is ati catalyst 10.6 really good as amd claims to be as on many of the sites users have claimed that it has boosted the frame rates for high end gc only so what about low end graphic cards and igp???
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  1. 10.6 works for some and doesn't work for others, the most stable AMD drivers are the 10.4's IMO. You are going to have to test them for yourself to see what works best since they differ between users.
  2. I have 10.6 installed on both high-end and low-end configs and performance is great (as appropriate for the level of GPU) across the board. While OvrClkr suggests that 10.4 are the most stable, I would recommend that you really can't go wrong with the 10.6 version. Up to you. Either version will meet most needs.
  3. then will it be good for an igp too???
  4. rocky41 said:
    then will it be good for an igp too???

    the only way you are going to find out is by testing them yourself, it varies by user.
  5. OvrClkr is correct in that "goodness" can be variable. I am using 10.6 mobility version and with IGPs (along with the standard versions) and I am quite pleased with the performance. What IGP do you have?
  6. I did some benches and 10.6 was slightly faster than 10.5. I think I posted it on the 10.6 thread when it first was released.

    But, like OverClkr says, some people have issues with it.

    IMO if 10.6 is having issues, 10.4 is the next best. 10.5 doesn't really seem to do much (I think it was mainly to fix some loading issues for CoD or BF:BC2 or something)
  7. the 10.7's should be out in a few days so be on the lookout for those as well =)
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