Another Graphics card question

I'm building a small gaming pc for my little bro, i have 2 choices once again, this one too, includes the HD4350.

My options are :

Nvidia Geforce 7600GT 256Mb

Ati Radeon HD4350 1GB

Which is more suitable for low-level gaming?

Thanks, Andy.
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  1. how low end we talking, and what games, I'd say 7600 if things liek fps where you wouldn't need as much draw distance or memory, and hd4350 1gb if an mmo player like for WoW
  2. Any other choices?
    The two are really close, what are the prices?
  3. I'm not buying the 7600GT, but the HD4350 is £40.

    It's not for intense gaming, its more like Garry's mod, counter strike source, those kind of games.
  4. If the 7600GT is free, go ahead.
  5. yea free is good, and unlesz you're playing modern games or something with huge detail or large draw distances 256 meg I'd think would be fine, and the price is right if its free or you already have it :D
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys, it's a great help.
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