New Build. Lights, Power, Fans, but NO Display or Beep

Hello Everyone,

I put together my build last night and found out that the whole ordeal was not as I had imagined. After everything in my computer was assembled and plugs and cords were double checked, I pushed the power button to find that all the fans (even the GFX Card fan) and LED light worked, but there was no "Beep" on start up or video output to my monitor.

Hopefully one of you fellow techs can help me out. The power button functions properly; press once to turn on and hold to turn off. I did notice that the CPU fan jolts a bit when I turn the computer on but down spin, and the CPU temp remains cool after idling for 10 minutes (Temp controlled fan?). Like I said, even the Graphics card fan is working. HDD sounds like it starts up as well. My ODD tray opens when I press the eject button. The ONLY thing is I have no Video output from my graphics card and the mobo does not have an integrated video card, and the mobo does not make any beeps to tell me what is wrong.

My specs are
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.0 Ghz) w/ Stock Intel Fan
Gigabyte GA-EP43T-USB3
Patriot DDR3 1333 2x 2gig RAM (Brand name is Sector 5)
nVidia 9800 GT EE XLR8 Performance Edition
Ultra 550W PSU
Seagate 750gig HDD (Factory refurb)
Case is Antec P183 Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower

Things I have already tried and/or observed
1)Change RAM from dual channel slot one to two as well as run mobo with only 1 stick of RAM in slots one and two.
2)Changed the mobo speaker polarity, still no sound
3)Checked all power connections (8pin and 24pin)
4)CPU Fan spins normally when plugged into another fan port, but if I plug it into the dedicated CPU Fan port, it only jolts for a split second on power up.
5)Pressed down firmly on RAM and PCIE GFX card to make sure they are properly attached.

Things about to be performed:
1)Gave my graphics card to my brother to test on his working computer.
2)Most likely test my CPU on my brothers computer tonight too.

I have built one computer successfully before this one, and it runs about the same thinngs (CPU is a Core 2 Duo). I messed with this one for 2 hours last night, plugging and unplugging different components like the ram and the graphics card to no avail. I have not yet did what one of the sticky's suggested - running the motherboard with CPU and RAM out of the case.

Its a shame I didnt find out about Tom's Hardware untill today when I was searching Google for some solutions to my problems or else I could have posted my Specs to ask you guys what you thought before running into this mess. :(
Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

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  1. yeah it looks like your doing everything possible. I bet you the graphics card is boned, but odd it will not give a beep code. Let us know what you find out.
  2. New Update

    I have tried my Graphics Card on my brothers computer and it works great, so this would eliminate the graphics card as one of the suspects.

    Next I will try bread boarding then the CPU.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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