What should I upgrade to from a 4850.

I want a new Graphics Card, and i'm upgrading from a 4850, would a 5830 be a huge upgrade?
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  1. not much, the 5830 is about the performance of 1 4890.
    Whats your Budget/system specs?
  2. budget 200$

    System specs: Phenom 2 955
    ocz 700w power
    ocz vertex 2 60gb, samsung 1tb spinpoint
    4gb gskill 1333
  3. GTX 460 is a good choice for $200
  4. Do you mind going used?
    If not, find a HD4870X2 for $200 and be happy.

    Id say just wait for the HD6000.
  5. is it alot better then a 5830?.. Also will it work with my motherboard, GA-MA770T-UD3P?
  6. The GTX460 performs ~5% better than a 5830 and draws a tab bit more power.
    SLI performance is stellar though, but to you thats irrelevant.
  7. Hey, Timop.. No I don't mind used. I wanted a 5850, but lot of money. D:
  8. Timop said:
    Do you mind going used?
    If not, find a HD4870X2 for $200 and be happy.

    Id say just wait for the HD6000.

    I agree with this. If you're already getting decent performance then waiting till the late fall we'll probably see price drops on 5xxx cards plus the new 6xxx cards.
  9. Wolfram23, you think price on a 5850 will be 200$ before xmas?
  10. before no, after yes. Ati Radeon 6xxx is on it's way and coming Q4
  11. Well, $200 is probably pushing it. Maybe $250. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the 6xxx series brings.
  12. I haven't seen it mentioned yet, what resolution? The 5770 isn't much of an upgrade, same with the 5830. The GTX460 has the performance of the 5830, so same with that. (1GB model overclocked is more like the 5850, but you'd need $230+ for that.)

    At this point, as long as your resolution is high enough I too would look into a cheap used card. There is little point in trying to upgrade your card now. You'll end up spending $200 on something that will be ~20% faster then what you have now. Then worse when in <6mo the new cards come out and you'll want one of those...
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