My CMOS battery might be dying

So this morning I turned on my computer, but the computer booted by itself. I usually have to hit a power button on the computer to start its boot sequence, but when i turned on the power strip this morning, the computer automatically booted without me even touching it. So I let it boot and a screen came up reading

Phoenix 1.10 BIOS A08
(other stuff the next few lines)

IDE automatic configuration...proccessing (then it said completed then this came up) *BEEP*
System Power is low
press F1 to boot or F2 to enter setup utility

I pressed F1 and it booted to the home screen, totally fine. Then i realized my Windowsblinds wouldnt load so i set back to normal Windows XP theme. Then i looked at the time. It read 9/13/2003 This obviously meant that the computer forgot the time so the "failing CMOS battery" lit up in my head. I already looked for batteries and a conventional 3-V CR2032 coin cell battery came up. I also listened to the PSU to make sure nothing had blown. There were no rattles or scent of smoke so thats good. So I tried to conserve the most amount of energy as possible by turning of the wireless card just for good measure. I'm running my anti- programs. I ran Avira antivir this morning and Malwarebytes right now then spybot S&D later. Is it the CMOS battery thats doing this? My computer is 8 years old after all
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  1. sounds like it, my 486 kept doing this as it's battery died and still does since it was some rechargeable thing soldered to the motherboard... had to cu it off before it ate my printer port and everything else. :D
  2. Yep +1 for a failing battery. :) But I do not understand why your theme settings would not load, that should be saved with your system settings on the HDD.
  3. The boot screen said normal windows configurations would be applied
  4. ^Roger, thaks for clearing that up. :)
  5. So just a battery change and im all set? I know you have to do something with the BIOS values but im completely lost on that subject.
  6. Really all you should need to do is pop the old one out and replace it with the new one. You will have to reset the time and date but you can also do that when you get into windows through the calendar / clock settings window. If you had custom Bios settings such as an OC or disabled on-board stuff, you will have to re-enter those into your Bios. You could also clear the CMOS, just for good measure, but I do not belive that their is anything thats "Required" for you to do, as I never have done anything else or heard of other steps.

    ^+1 but as I recall the battery isn't keeping the cmos anyway, so it should be clear.
    You are most likely right prgmHORSE, but on my Mobo I must also move a jumper to clear the CMOS.
  7. ^+1 but as I recall the battery isn't keeping the cmos anyway, so it should be clear.
  8. What about installation? I'm pretty sure it has prongs that can be bent out and in. And ive read up that the battery can explode if not installed properly. I wanna try to avoid that :P
  9. just install it in the same orientation as the old one and you should be safe. :)
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