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Good afternoon all you experts. I have ordered this card and wanted to get the best driver for it. It is a Sapphire 5830 ATi card, kinda budget but good value (i hope)

Now then, i will get it tomorrow, but i have read online that when people bought the card they said not to install the CCC as it would give you problems. So i have purchased nvidia cards in the past, and usually went to, how do i get the latest and greatest drivers for this card?

what site is it on and specifically, which driver is it?

Any help with this NOOB (me) would be appreciated. Graphics are def. not my frote...thanks..

email me at czechma8@ gmail dot com

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  1. In addition, is there something specific i need to know about installing this card. I know to attach both of the 6 pin connectors, make sure the card is in snug. also, i am coming from pci express 9800 gt nvidia card, which used 2 slots. I guess i will use the higher slot that is closer to the ram, is this correct? anything else i need to know?

    all the best, you guys rule,

    I have never heard of "Don't install CCC", Its just that for some people the newest driver, catalyst 10.6 have some bugs, but try it out and see if it works, if not, get 10.5.

    EDIT: for the PCIe slots, just use the top most one. Things should work just fine.
  3. one more question, do i need to install the CCC (Catalyst control center?)

    the latest looks to be 10.6? is that right?

    another difficult question--do i install sapphire drivers or ati?
    that is the REAL question....thanks...
  4. you install it the same way you had your 9800 in there, to download drivers go to and on the dright hand side choose the correct info for your system. and then download the latest drivers

    Edit: Install the ATI Drivers, or at least that is what I would do it may be more up to date
  5. You want CCC. It handles a lot of stuff and is the home base for your GPU. From there you can set video and 3D settings and other stuff.

    Drivers, go with 10.6. First tho, uninstall any and all old video drivers and then run Driver Sweeper to really clean them out (and un CCleaner as well to clean up the registry) then reboot and install the new drivers.

    Registry cleaning can be important. I just updated my sound card drivers and it took 3 tries for it to work right, finally realising I should registry sweep too.
  6. thanks wolfram23. listen i sold my old cards, can i put in the new card, start pc, download driver sweeper (never heard of it, hopefully free....), restart in safe mode?, then run sweeper, restart pc in regular mode and then get 10.6 CCC?

    does that sound ok?
  7. Sweeper is free, get it from Guru3D. CClean Sweep is also free and good for cleaning up your temp files/internet cache/recycle bin as well as registry files.

    I'm not 100% sure that you need to start in safe mode for driver sweeper, but it's possible that it won't delete 1 driver .dll or something that's in use without safe mode so I guess play Anyway, yes, that's how to do it. Make sure to completely remove all video drivers when you run sweeper, ATI or Nvidia or other.
  8. you guys are the best thx again, happy gaming
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