Can I add A Blu -Ray Burner on this Computer

can I add A Blu-Burner on this Computer or Intel(R)Pentium(R)Dual CPU e2140@1.60 GHz
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  1. IF your computer has a DVD/CD burner you should be able to replace that with a Blue-Ray burner. BUT without knowing the full specs we can not tell if you can add one. To ADD one you need a free 5 1/4 bay and a free SATA port and free SATA power plug.
  2. Hello carmal27, Welcome to THW.

    1haplo is right, but most likely you have all those requirements, even PC's several years old do and are able to install a Blu-ray Burner.

    One piece of advice for when you use your Blu Ray burner is to set it at a very slow speed while burning your first disks maybe 1x-2x the first try, that is to make sure your PC can keep the buffer full and help get a good burn and not make coasters out of your expensive disks.
  3. Quote:
    just make sure it's not IDE interface..
    From the little looking around I did for Blu-Ray Burners, it seems that all of them now-a-days are SATA and the IDE ones I did find cost several hundred dollars or are refurbished or both.
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