Mobility HD 5650 is better but how much

I currently have a Pentium 4 HT with a nvidia agp 7800 gs (circa 2004). For late evening distraction, I play Command & Conquer (latest Kane game) or watch Hulu connected to a 27" monitor (1920x1200). Gameplay is really slow but doable at low detail settings.

I want get a new laptop (desktop replacement); Gateway NV79C47u Core i5 ATI Mob. HD 5650 (Newegg $750) connected to the monitor.

I know the core i5 is a huge improvement for the CPU but I am wondering about the HD 5650 - will I see significant improvement (higher settings; higher fps) or will it be marginal?? Will I be amazed or disappointed?? I did not want to spend $1100-plus for a gaming laptop.

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  1. Heres one with an i3 for $720,
    Something to consider,

    Anyways, the HD5650 would be a MAJOR jump, depending on the clocks, it should at least be twice as good.
  2. According to Passmark (

    My current P4 desktop nvidia 7800 gs = 500

    ATI Mobility HD 5650 = 600 and GF GTX 260M = 705

    A score of 600 isn't dramatically higher than 500.

    It appears anything higher than the 5650 puts me into gamer class video hardware and for that price range, I'm inclined to get a real desktop. (ie. trading laptop smaller size for desktop better performance).

    I find that real-life usage is better than some number but it's all I have to go on.
  3. Well heres more details:

    The Mobile HD5650 performs close to the desktop HD5570/3870 depending on the clocks (its flexible)

    While the 7800GS translates in to ~9400GT/HD4350.

    Heres a review:
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